BabyLu, Baby Batik with Love dedicated for all baby & kids who proud to wear Batik Indonesia. We’re ready pampering your baby & kids with Attitude. Attitude to proud of heritage Indonesia, especially of the beautiful fabrics. BabyLu will more explore the motif, colour, & design so that look playful as like as the kids world.

Experience Activities

  • Idea of BabyLu take part in 300 Unggulan Indonesia Womanpreneur Competition Indosat & 2013.
  • And BabyLu take part also as 13 finalist Indonesia Incubator business of Womanpreneur Community 2015.

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also on marketplace soon…

BabyLu on Media MassĀ 

Artikel Fashion Icon – Tabloid Wanita Indonesia Edisi 1390

Program Bawa Bekal Yuk ! – NET TV

Live on Indie Mom Program Talkshow – UFM Radio Jakarta





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